Hell, Inc. Production Diary part 3

I haven’t done as many of these as I’d have liked to by now. I was going to last night, but then I got distracted by learning how to work the book layout program I got. I need to print some test pages to make sure I’ve got the margins right, but so far I seem to be getting the hang of it.

This here’s a panel from page 2. It was used as part of a piece I wrote for the U of A Gateway about 24 Hour Comic Day. It was originally intended as a big reveal, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t much of a reveal, since I never really tried to hide the fact that the characters were demons. Actually, it’s the first thing I mention any time I describe the series to somebody. So it’s not so much of a reveal as a really intricate panel where a demon tries to brush his teeth and put on pants simultaneously. It involved me standing in front of a mirror holding one hand up like I was brushing my teeth and then pulling my pants on with the other hand to figure out what it would look like. I’m sure if anybody else was awake I would have looked like a complete jackass.

Hell, Inc. page 2 panel

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