I created rentathugcomics.com as an online home for my various comics and art projects. I’ve been drawing comics in some form or another since I can remember (which isn’t actually very far, but I’ve been assured by others that it’s been many, many years).

Rent-A-Thug was created at some point in 2004 as a criminal temp agency supplying henchmen-for-hire to supervillains in a superhero comic I was doing at the time. In 2005 I needed something that could work in a weekly strip format for a newspaper (the University of Alberta Gateway) and I revisited Rent-A-Thug, resulting in the creation of the Rules For Criminal Success series which is still running. The stuff on this site includes more recent material, generally falling into the categories of either a multi-page story or a single-page bit of ridiculousness, as well as the Rules For Criminal Success series.

 The Author:

Jeff Martin is a History major at the University of Alberta by day and a comic-making guy by later in the day. He thinks you should read the comics on this site. He doesn’t want to send Charlie No-Aim after you, but he will.

You can contact Jeff via email – jeff@rentathugcomics.com