Hell, Inc. Production Diary part 2

My internet connection is being a total jackass, so for now here’s page 1 of Hell, Inc. Commentary to come when my internet will stay connected for more than five minutes in a row.


Edit: Hurray for functioning internet! My modem has been replaced and now I have internet for more than five minutes at a time.

So anyway, this is the first page of Hell, Inc. When I wrote this page I expected it would be really easy, and that I could knock it out in an hour (since that’s kind of the point of 24 Hour Comic Day). It only took an hour and a half, which is relatively fast considering I drew this book in a larger format than I usually work with. The fact that it took an hour and a half also pointed out that even with a completely pre-designed script and style alterations for speed, it was STILL too complex to fit down into an hour. I don’t think any of the 24 pages actually only took an hour (there were a fair number of hour-and-a-halfs, though). Over the weekend I managed to set a personal best of 4 pages in 2 days.

This page also taught me that I’m bad at minimalizing details. The original drawings of the characters weren’t very big (probably about two or three inches high and an inch across), so there wasn’t a lot of space for detail. When I tried to mimic that style on the pages, it really only worked in panels where the characters weren’t all that big. In larger panels the abundant negative space bugged me enough that I filled in more detail (like the skin creases, leg hair, muscle definition, etc.).

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    I really love these comics.

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