Academia and Robots

I presented a paper this morning at the History of Medicine Day conference at the University of Alberta. It went a lot better than I was expecting, to be honest. I created the powerpoint slides with pictures on it the other day and only actually read through the paper to see if it fit into the time limit last night. The question period also went rather nicely, as well, since it lacked the subdued one-ups-manship of normal classes. It’s amazing how dick-ish discussions can become when participation marks get thrown into the equation. I presented a paper I wrote last semester about the development of the ambulance system and field hospitals in the American Civil War. It was a lot of fun (the really, really nerdy kind of fun).

In other news, I’ve also been doing a bit of work on a comic side project that I’m thinking of doing something with called ‘BotCops. It’s, shockingly enough, about robot cops. I’ve written 7 or 8 pages of script and done a bunch of design stuff for it. I’ve been thinking for a long while about cutting Rent-A-Thug back to two pages a week, which would give me a nice opportunity to work on some other stuff. I’m thinking that two Rent-A-Thug comics a week plus a ‘BotCops page would give me a good variety in drawing, as well as a variety of stuff for you guys to read. But before I make any actual decisions I’ve got 23 or so pages worth of academic papers that are refusing to write themselves. Whee.

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