Rent-A-Thug #177 – King of the Streets part 7
September 24th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #177 – King of the Streets part 7

Yet more inspiration from The Warriors here. I commented on the designs of the Demolition Crew and the South Side Saints in the last comic, but this one adds the Westsiderz and the Warlords. The Westsiderz pretty much just wear basketball jerseys and bandanas. They’re not really based on anything in particular, although the basketball jersey and bandana are pretty common “gangsta” clothes. The Warlords lean a lot more in the slightly bizarre direction of the gangs from The Warriors, what with the royal capes and their leader’s crown. The meeting itself was also inspired by The Warriors; it’s something akin to the meeting called by Cyrus, but on a much smaller scale.

There are a bunch of new characters introduced here, and not all them get named in the course of the story. A lot of them have names in the script, though, so I figure I’ll name ’em here for people who like that sort of thing. The South Side Saints leader (sitting) is Pope Julius. The Warlords leader (with the crown) is King Arthur II. The Demolition Crew leader (sitting) is Chuck D, and the handsome devil next to him is a young Johnny Mushface. Pre-Mushface.

I added another drawing to the Illustrations section, in addition to the two that I posted on Monday. I’ll also be posting some info about the Pure Speculation festival at some point in the next few days, which I’ll be attending as a vendor.

Thanks for reading, see you Friday!

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