Rent-A-Thug #176 – King of the Streets part 6
September 22nd, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #176 – King of the Streets part 6

There’s a bit more of The Warriors’ inspiration showing in this page. The Demolition Crew’s outfits (the guys in the vests in the second panel) are based on The Warriors themselves. The South Side Saints (the guys in priest collars)… well they’re pretty much just guys with priest collars.

The placement of the caption boxes in the second tier of this page are particularly terrible, but I didn’t notice until after I’d already inked the page. The caption box overlapping the New Yakker is supposed to be first, then the caption in the panel with the lab. Hopefully the COPS suit wreaking blood-soaked havoc balances out the crap caption placement. Yes, I’m aware that calling it a COPS suit is redundant based on the acronym, but just calling it a COPS sounds weird.

I added some new material to the Illustrations section. Also, I’ll be at the Pure Speculation festival again this year. More on that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday!

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