Rent-A-Thug #84 – Rules For Criminal Success #77
February 11th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #84 – Rules For Criminal Success #77

So last night I had to finish off a book review for one of my many history classes, which actually went fairly smoothly. Then I had to transfer it to my desktop computer so that I could print it off and apparently at some point during the transfer the formatting of the document got really whacked out. I basically had to spend an hour trying to format all of the footnotes and stuff by hand and dealing with the fact that some stuff wasn’t showing up on screen but was showing up in the printed document and vice-versa. Rage ensued.

One of my favourite jokes on this page showed up kind of cramped so I’m going to draw attention to it. The sign outside the prison in the last panel reads “New Yak City Prison 006 Days Without a Breakout” with the 006 on one of those signs where you replace each number with a card on a peg. It’s much less funny having to explain it, but I thought it was worth pointing out since re-sizing the strip for the website crushed it more than I had anticipated.

The Shock Therapist made his debut in this strip, but will also have a role in the short story “Lightning Raid” in the first Rent-A-Thug book, First Offence. I’m just about finished with it, all that’s left are the inside front cover, the inside back cover, and the back cover. Odds are fairly good that it will be finished up and off to the printers next week, which I’m very excited about. The book will likely debut at the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show which is coming up fairly soon (I think it’s in April but I don’t recall off the top of my head).

Anyhow, thanks for reaindg and I’ll be back on Wednesday with another page.

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