Rent-A-Thug #85 – Rules For Criminal Success #91
February 13th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #85 – Rules For Criminal Success #91

This is one of the more recently drawn strips (some of you may have noticed that up until recently most of them were still signed with an ’06). In 2007 I sort slacked off on the strips because I’d built up a monstrous backlog of Gateway material (at one point I had over a year and a half worth of material that they hadn’t printed yet) and instead worked on full-page stuff for the book. Which is, by the way, just about finished. Long story short I plan on kicking strip drawing into high gear next week when I have the week off so that I can try to build up the backlog again as well as inch closer to finishing a collected edition of the Rules For Criminal Success.

The unidentified superhero who roughed up Walt in panel one is the Arachnoid. I realized that from that perspective he sort of looks like Captain Impressive, except that he’s roughly the same size as the regular characters whereas Impressive is much, much bigger. Drawing Dirk the Head with a gaping hole in his chest was fun, but I’m sure anybody who has been reading this comic for any significant length of time is probably well aware that I like drawing violence. S’fun. Also, note Frank Baron popping up in the poster in the background which doubles as a plug for the site (the site plug was put in there mostly for the Gateway, since you all know this site exists already since you’re, y’know, here).

Anyway, I’ll be back on Friday. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nick Johnson

    Can’t wait to pick up the book when it’s released, Jeff!

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