Rent-A-Thug #286 – ‘Shroom With A View part 6
August 11th, 2009

Rent-A-Thug #286 – ‘Shroom With A View part 6

Hurray comics drawn in less than an hour! Not a lot of complex stuff in this one, which helped. And then, of course, I forgot to ink the shadow of Mushface’s hand in the last panel until literally a few minutes ago when I checked the preview in ComicPress to make sure that the text was legible and saw a big gaping white spot where there wasn’t supposed to be one.

I finished the first quarter of a piece that I’m working on for Happy Harbor Comics’ “Visions of Comics” art gallery show. I’m pretty pleased with it, but I’ve still got three segments of the overall piece to go, and I have to build the frame. Considering my lack of handiness, I’m sure that’ll be a hilarious disaster.

I’ll also be adding to the Oilers blog I started writing last night. The second bit will probably go up tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, see you Friday!

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