Rent-A-Thug #227 – Two Crooks, a Croc, and a Fine Pair of Shoes part 13
January 28th, 2009

Rent-A-Thug #227 – Two Crooks, a Croc, and a Fine Pair of Shoes part 13

I finished drawing this page about twenty mintues ago. Hopefully I can be a little quicker getting Friday’s page done. The sound effect near the bottom of the second panel is supposed to say “Groan”, but I messed up while I was inking it and attempted to correct the situation with my white-out pen. Apparently at some point between now and the last time I used it, it became a piece of crap. It’s more of a grey-out now.

I spent a little more time on the dock cop in the trunk than I had originally intended to. The script didn’t really make it clear that the dock cop had been thrown in his trunk, and it’s kind of the point of the joke, so I focused on him and pushed some Croc Head stuff onto the next page.

Friday’s update will probably be earlier or later in the day than usual. Not sure which yet. I got tickets to the Oilers game against the Minnesota Wild as an early birthday present, so I’ll have to either update before I leave or after I get back. Hopefully the Oil don’t shit the bed like they did against Buffalo. Coincidentally, the first Oilers game I ever went to live was against Buffalo. They lost that one too, but it wasn’t nearly as embarrassing.

Thanks for reading, see you Friday!

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