Rent-A-Thug #129 – Rules For Criminal Success #57
May 26th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #129 – Rules For Criminal Success #57

This joke comes from me thinking about stupid things that could be done in a car chase, in this case still stopping at red lights. Once again Billiam steps in to handle a driving joke. He hasn’t popped up in any of the stories yet, but hopefully something will come up for him before too long. Billiam’s car is the same one that I used in this illustration, referenced from the GTA IV art book. I think it’s a Stallion. Possibly a Manana. The cop car isn’t referenced from anything in particular.

I’m a page and a half away from having a month’s worth of updated buffer, which is good news to me. The rest of this week will be more Rules For Criminal Success. Next week will either be yet more Rules For Criminal Success or the first half of the short story I’m working on for Tales From The Harbor Volume 4, Dinner With Daddy Dearest, which features Walt and his family.

Wednesday’s update will probably be earlier than normal. It’s Rock Band night at Happy Harbor Comics Vol. 2, which runs at around the time I usually post stuff.

Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday!

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