Rent-A-Thug #116 – Great Thugs in History part 15
April 25th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #116 – Great Thugs in History part 15

This was another page that was finished right before updating. I finished the inks on this one about 45 minutes ago. The Robin Hood themes become a little more blatant in this one. Not that they weren’t pretty blatant already, mind you. In the last panel we’ve got this story’s equivalents of Friar Tuck, William Scarlett, and Little John. I don’t think William Scarlett was in the Disney version, but I know he was in Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

I don’t really have all that much to say this time around. I spent most of the last two days gluing miniature dwarves together to get them ready for a Warhammer tournament tomorrow. Have I mentioned I’m a huge nerd?

I had originally planned to launch the Black Market online store today. But then those pesky glue fumes kicked in and I forgot to finish getting it ready. Barring any more unexpected fume-related delays it should be up on Sunday. There’s a few things I need to figure out with shipping before it goes online.

Thanks for reading, everybody, have a good weekend and I’ll see on Monday.

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