Rent-A-Thug #102 – Great Thugs in History part 1
March 24th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #102 – Great Thugs in History part 1

When I said last week that I had something a little different in store for this week, this is what I was talking about. I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing some short stories about great thugs in the history of the Rent-A-Thug world, and this is the first of those. I’ve got a couple of other ones in mind but I’ll probably work on more Rules For Criminal Success in between. These are going to be pretty similar to the other short stories, although probably a little heavier on the narration than normal. I’m not overly fond of narration that isn’t in the first-person, butI think in the case of these sorts of stories it just makes more sense.

I’m a bit behind on where I wanted to be in terms of drawing pages for this week because papers are being obnoxious and not writing themselves. With a bit of luck that shouldn’t cause any updates to be missed (although if the site updated on Thursday that would be a much different situation).

I’m looking forward to getting done with papers and presentations and all that stuff so that I can have more time to draw stuff. The Rules For Criminal Success series is at 74 or so pages out of the 110 that are planned. All 110 aren’t actually planned but that’s the point at which that series will wrap up and make its way into book form. It’s very possible that it’ll be ready to be collected into a book by Fall.

In other book-related news, I should be getting the digital proofs for Rent-A-Thug: First Offence tomorrow morning, which I’m very excited about.

Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday!

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