Rent-A-Thug #99 – Rules For Criminal Success #63
March 17th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #99 – Rules For Criminal Success #63

This joke was lifted from an old Frank Baron, NSO strip from 2004. I basically just stripped out the parts that were there to move the plot so that the joke could stand on its own, which I think it does. When I sit down to draw a strip (and oftentimes before that if I know which strip I want to draw next) I didn’t have to bother going through the normal process of figuring out which thug to use; it HAD to be Sticky Mickey. He’s got a cigarette in his mouth quite a bit (which also led to this strip), although not to the level that I’ve become used to from Jesse Custer in Preacher, which I’ve been reading lately.

Page 100 goes up on Wednesday, along with a gallery of guest art. If you want to be involved in said gallery you should send your Rent-A-Thug related art to

Anyway, I’ve got a paper that’s being belligerent and not writing itself, so I’m going to go write it into submission. Thanks for reading and see you on Wednesday! 

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