Rent-A-Thug #93 – Rules For Criminal Success #96
March 3rd, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #93 – Rules For Criminal Success #96

After I finished inking this one I realized that I hadn’t actually written in what the rule was supposed to be and there wasn’t room to shove it in somewhere. At first I got a little panicky that I had screwed it up, but after reading it over a few times I think it works fine without it.

Also in this strip is the first appearance of the redesigned .38 Micro, which was done on-the-spot in the close-up panel of Edgar Jones pointing it at the cashier (who some of you may recognize as Amir from Protection Rackets and Head Trauma, which can be accessed from the sidebar). It’s based on the Walther Model P5 Compact, which is similar to the Walther PPK, which is James Bond’s trademark weapon. I think this one looks much better than my original design for the Micro, which wasn’t referenced from anything and looked kind of goofy.

I also realized that my buffer has gone from dwindling to practically non-existant when I was scanning this week’s pages earlier today. Fortunately finishing the strip I’m working on and then drawing another one will be easily accomplished by next Wednesday (which is the first day that I don’t already have a strip ready for).

Thanks for reading, see you on Wednesday!

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