Rent-A-Thug #91 – Rules For Criminal Success #80
February 27th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #91 – Rules For Criminal Success #80

This is one of the jokes that actually has an interesting story to go along with it. I was walking through the Student’s Union Building (or SUB, as we studious types call it because we’re too lazy to say the whole thing) one day and noticed a large cardboard display. Various organizations and groups have tables around SUB trying to get attention for whatever it is they’re doing, and in this case I noticed one that I thought read “Stop the Laughter” with the words stacked on top of each other (ie. “Stop”, “the” underneath it, “Laughter” underneath that). That seemed like a very bizarre thing to be promoting, but as I kept walking it turned out that cardboard stand was folded, which blocked the letter “S” in front of “laughter”. Turns out it was protesting seal-clubbing, which made more sense, but my brain was already working out that tacking an “S” onto “laughter” turns it into “slaughter”, resulting in this joke. Okay, maybe that’s not an interesting story, but you read it and can’t unread it, so you’re stuck with it now.

I designed the guys Rastovich is shooting the bejeezus out of on the spot because I didn’t want to use cops. Instead I designed some militia guys that take some elements from Middle Eastern and Latin American military types. I also realized after the fact that I messed up the gun in Rastovich’s left hand (his left, not the left of the screen). It’s fine, I just didn’t bother to look up my design for the MP-15 and winged it instead resulting in something similar but not quite right.

I should probably go write some school junk, so I’ll wrap up here. Thanks for reading and see you on Friday!

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