Rent-A-Thug #82 – Rules For Criminal Success #28
February 6th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #82 – Rules For Criminal Success #28

The page number and the Rule number are the reverse of each other today. Neat.

This update is a bit later than I normally post, but for good reason. Literally minutes ago I finished off the last remaining story page for the upcoming Rent-A-Thug book, First Offence while I was watching the Edmonton Oilers kick the bejeezus out of the Chicago Blackhawks (actually I’m still watching it as I post this). Who’d have thunk that the Oilers would become scoreboard murder-machines after losing Horcoff (and probably Souray) for the season?

This is the first appearance of Croc-Head, a minor villain from a superhero series I used to draw that I revamped for use in Rent-A-Thug. He doesn’t really have any powers per se, he’s pretty much just got a crocodile head. He’s going to be featured in a short story titled “A Crook, A Croc, and a Fine Pair of Shoes” along with Mr. Nixon at some point in the future. The Arachnoid, on the other hand, appears with Mr. Nixon, Sticky Mickey, and the Shock Therapist in a short story called “Lightning Raid” that’s exclusive to the First Offence book. That story is the first appearance of his redesign, which is quite frankly a whole lot cooler-looking.

I’m not quite sure what kind of gun Charlie No-Aim is packing. It looks like a weird cross between an MP-15 (pre-Ultramodern Firearms redesign) and a Redecorator (which is a big-ass shotgun in the Rent-A-Thug universe). After I got my hands on Ultramodern Firearms all of the guns started to look a whole lot cooler.

I think that’s enough of my rambling, thanks for reading and see you on Friday with a strip featuring Mr. Nixon and The Wombat.

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