Rent-A-Thug #67 – Rules For Criminal Success #35
January 2nd, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #67 – Rules For Criminal Success #35

Happy New Year, folks! 

Billiam makes another appearance as a getaway driver (although in this case it’s as a driver for himself. Apparently he’s been up to some extra-curricular activities.). I like this strip in large part because I got to use an interesting layout, which is generally difficult in the 2.5″ x 10″ strip format. I’m fond of inset panels so I’m usually pretty pleased whenever I get include them.

I’ve got four days before university starts up again, which means I’ve got four days to complete four more pages for a collaboration with Jay Bardyla of Happy Harbor Comics as well as three or so pages of my own stuff. And some Rules For Criminal Success strips, if there’s time. If I could somehow do all that while simlutaneously playing Call of Duty 4 that would be awesome, but I think I’m going to have to put down the virtual M16 in favour of drawing some pencil and ink ones.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back Friday with another strip and more banter that I suspect none of you read anyway. 😛

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