Rent-A-Thug #63 – Rules For Criminal Success #25
December 24th, 2007

Rent-A-Thug #63 – Rules For Criminal Success #25

Merry Christmas Eve!

And what better way to celebrate Christmas Eve than to have Sticky Mickey pounded into the ground like a railroad spike by Powerhouse? Okay, there are probably a whole lot of better ways, but this’ll have to do. This is, as far as I know, the first appearance of Astronut in the Rules For Criminal Success series. Astronut was originally created for a wrestling comic that I did for fun in junior high, following in the tradition of ridiculous wrestling gimmicks. I can’t remember what gave me the idea to revamp him as a supervillain for Rent-A-Thug, but I did. He tends to get used as a Rhino-esque hard guy since during the transition from gimmick wrestler to supervillain he got a LOT bigger. He’s also collected some of the trappings of the Bald Evil Guy, who was a pretty bizarre villain in the early stages of developing the Rent-A-Thug universe. He’s since been relocated in the timeline of the world to be the father of supervillainy.

My queue of stories to work on was shuffled around a bit as out of nowhere a two line premise for a Walt story became a more fleshed out story than the interlaced Dirk the Head/Mr. Nixon stories that I had been planning on getting to next. So it turns out that Walt’s story (which doesn’t have a title yet) will likely be appearing before “A Night’s Work” and “A Crook, a Croc, and a Fine Pair of Shoes”. Yes, that’s actually the title of one of the stories.

Speaking of new stuff, check back tomorrow for the Rent-A-Thug Christmas Special. I’m in the process of inking it (chances are it’ll be done later tonight). I’m pretty proud of how it’s turning out so far, I think you folks will get a kick out of it.

Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays!

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