24 Hour Comic Day

Next weekend is 24 Hour Comic Day, where (completely fucking insane) comic creators try to create a 24 page comic book in 24 hours. I’ll be at Happy Harbor Comics this year to join in on the insanity and raise money for literacy.

I’ve already written the script that I’ll be attempting to finish in 24 hours. I had to be conscious of keeping it relatively simple to hopefully prevent myself from getting bogged down during the art process. I’m not sure how it came about, but I ended up writing an office comedy… set in hell. I’ve also designed the lead character, Doug, and one of his co-workers, Steve. I thought Steve was going to be substantially more important to the story than he ended up being.

Anyway, here’s Doug. His design inspiration is part Hellboy and part Spy vs. Spy.

Hell, Inc. - Doug

Here’s Steve. I think I might write more stories with these characters so that I can develop him a bit more. I thought he was going to be relatively important to the story, but he actually only ended up being in a couple of pages over the course of the story. The boss character was the opposite: I thought he would only appear in a couple of pages and ended up being all over the place.

Hell, Inc - Steve

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  1. Roger

    I will do my best to be annoying the entire 24 hours! Should be a blast!

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