Black Market

Welcome to the Black Market, your one-stop shop for official Rent-A-Thug merchandise.

NOTE: Right now the online store function isn’t working properly, so I’ve removed the buttons entirely. You can still place orders, but you’ll have to do so by emailing Sorry for any inconvenience.

Rent-A-Thug: First Offence comic book – $5.00 CAN each

The first Rent-A-Thug print comic, First Offence, can be yours in all of its black and white glory for only five bucks! First Offence features 36 pages of the antics of your favourite homicidal goons. Four stories featuring Charlie No-Aim, G-Fresh, Rastovich, Mr. Nixon, Sticky Mickey, and more!

Rent-A-Thug: First Offence cover

Available online at Heavy

Rent-A-Thug: First Offence is now available at the following retail locations in Edmonton, Alberta:

Happy Harbor Comics Vol. 1 (10112-124 St, upper level)

Happy Harbor Comics Vol. 2 (180 Manning Crossing)

Happy Harbor Comics Vol. 3 (10326-81 Ave)

Or order from Happy Harbor online at

Rent-A-Thug Baseball hat – $25.00 CAN each

Official Rent-A-Thug baseball cap. This stylish head-topper is black with blue trim and features G-Fresh stitched on the front and stitched on the back. Adjustable strap means that one size fits all. Click on the images below for a bigger picture.
Rent-A-Thug hat frontRent-A-Thug hat backRent-A-Thug hat closeup