Updates and Hell, Inc.

So there haven’t been any updates this week, just like the week before that. The reasoning is pretty much the same: I’m trying to get Hell, Inc. finished so that I can get it printed in time for Indie Week in December. I finished page 20 this afternoon, and will be starting 21 a little later (it’s 24 pages long, incidentally). Because I feel bad for not having updated in a while, and because I won’t be doing more Rent-A-Thug work for a while yet, I decided that until Hell, Inc. comes out I’m going to update every couple of days with panels from the pages that are already finished and some kind of commentary on the production of the thing. Is that interesting? Maybe. Is it better than nothing? I think so. I’m going to try to start that off tomorrow or Sunday, depending on when I have more spare time.

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