Rent-A-Thug #305 – ‘Shroom With A View part 25
November 6th, 2009

Rent-A-Thug #305 – ‘Shroom With A View part 25

End of the arc! Oh bribery, you make everything better.

Weird aside: The title of this arc is a play on “Room With A View” which is the title of… something? I’m not even sure what it’s a reference to, to be honest, and I’m too tired to bother looking it up right now. Anyway, I just realized that “with a view” can also be used to refer to the mushroom hallucinations that Waller has for the majority of this arc. And by explaining that just now, I’ve ruined the joke and made myself seem like a dink. Woo!

In non-Rent-A-Thug news, Hell, Inc. page 11 is currently half-penciled. I’m hoping to be finished up to the end of page 15 by Thursday. Incidentally, since we’re at the end of a story arc here, I’m going to be taking next week off to get as much done on Hell, Inc. as possible to make sure that it’s ready in time for release in December (Indie Week, yo!).

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