Rent-A-Thug #258 – The Rabbit Hole part 1
May 4th, 2009

Rent-A-Thug #258 – The Rabbit Hole part 1

For my long, rambling account of Free Comic Book Day, scroll down to the blog section.

I drew this strip last night while watching the British version of The Office. I knew the American version was based on the British one, but I didn’t think they’d be so similar. I mean, pratically every character has a direct parallel in the American series, and even their relationships are pretty much the same. I’m pretty sure the American version has been running longer than the British one did, though.

This arc was inspired by supervillain schemes, particularly some of the really absurd Silver Age ones. I always enjoyed villains that had really complex plans to accomplish something, but either their goal didn’t really make any sense or could have been fulfilled by other, much easier methods. Our shadowy friend here has one of those plans.

I’m going to try to get a new illustration or something up in the middle of the week. Thanks for reading, see you Friday (or earlier)!

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