Free Comic Book Day 2009!

This Saturday, May 2nd, is Free Comic Book Day 2009! I’ll be at Happy Harbor Comics Volume 2 doing sketches for folks who donate to the Food Bank! Also sketching it up with me will be Dan Schneider and Melanie Harvey, who are both rad. Also at V2 will be special guests Ty Templeton and Laurie B. I’ve met Ty before, and he’s got a lot of stories from his years in the comic industry trenches that he’s always willing to share. Laurie B is an animator in Calgary and one of the creators of A Monk’s Tale, one of the best-produced independent comics I’ve ever seen. Other Happy Harbor locations will feature guest appearances by such comics superstars as Gail Simone, Steve Rolston, and Fiona Staples, as well as TVs Ed the Sock and Liana K., who are both hilarious.

Also, if you come on down and say hi be on the lookout for Libro Libre!, the book that I put together with a bunch of other local comickers to give away on FCBD. I masterminded the whole thing. And by masterminded I mean I suggested we put a book together for FCBD and Rudi Gunther did all the actual work, because he’s awesome. Chris Peterson also knocked the cover out of the park, check it out:

Libro Libre! Cover(c) Chris, 2009

So come pick up a copy and hang out with all of us comic geeks. You nerd.

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