Rent-A-Thug #219 – Two Crooks, a Croc, and a Fine Pair of Shoes part 5
January 7th, 2009

Rent-A-Thug #219 – Two Crooks, a Croc, and a Fine Pair of Shoes part 5

This page kind of reverses the normal comedic structure, mostly for story-telling convenience. This page didn’t really have anything that could be considered a joke in the original script, until all of a sudden it occurred to me that Dirk the Head should answer his phone like a hot-shot business man (which I’m sure he thinks he is). The only place that really fit was at the beginning of the page, though, so reverse comedy it is.

I realized a couple of things while I was drawing yesterday. Pretty much every cell phone I draw is based on my cell phone, which kind of explains the lack of fanciness. I’ve had my phone for… six years, I think? Something like that. An iPhone it ain’t. Also, I realized that I made a mistake in the script when I was numbering the pages and the story is actually 23 pages instead of the 22 that I thought it was. That’s because I accidentally I marked two different pages as page five. Me smrt. In other news, I finished Friday’s page surprisingly quickly. I penciled it last night in about an hour and a half before I went to bed (which on it’s own surprised me, since it’s relatively complex, visually), and inked it today before dinner in about forty minutes. I guess looking at the numbers that’s still a little over two hours, but it felt like it took not time at all to finish it.

Thanks for reading, see you Friday!

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