During my week off from posting new comics I haven’t just been lazing about (although there HAS been a fair bit of that). Next week’s updates are all finished, and I might start the next page after the Oilers game tonight. Next week will be the first three pages of “Two Crooks, a Croc, and a Fine Pair of Shoes”, a bizarre 22 pager featuring Dirk the Head, Mr. Nixon, and Croc Head. I’ll leave some mystery surrounding the fine pair of shoes.

Aside from drawing new pages, I’ve been playing a lot of Gears of War 2 over the last few days. A webcomic artist talking about video games!? *GASP* Anyway, I’m on the fourth chapter (of five) of the single player campaign and have logged a few matches online in the last few days. The single-player campaign is much-improved over the first Gears, although unlike a lot of the whinier internetters I liked the campaign mode in the first game just fine. Yeah, ok there wasn’t a lot of plot, but how much plot do you need in a shooter? They established the world, your character, and that you needed to kill the bejeezus out of the Locust. Anyway, Gears 2 ramped things up with a more involved plot and a larger cast. The Locust have also been made a lot more sinister, which is cool, since there wasn’t a lot revealed about them in the first game other than that they lived underground and could be killed by violence. There’s also a heavy mortar which is a lot of fun to blow things up with. So far I’m having more fun with the campaign than with multiplayer, which has been pretty slow, match-makin wise so far. And I’m not overly fond of the “you die, you sit” concept, since I’m not all that good at Gears online, so I do a lot of dying and sitting. And occassionally chainsaw some schmuck in half. So far my favourite modes are the ones that involve re-spawning because of that.

But wait, why should you care what I think about Gears of War 2? You probably shouldn’t, really. I’m trying to use the blog section a little bit more, but I can only talk so much about the comic. So instead I’m rambling about video games, and occassionally hockey. I’ll probably provide some status updates on some of my other projects once I get them underway in earnest.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow with the first page of “Two Crooks, a Croc, and a Fine Pair of Shoes”.

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