Good News/Bad News

Hey folks, I’ve got some good news and bad news. Unless you’re a Columbus Blue Jackets fan, then I’ve mostly got bad news.

Bad news is that today’s comic is going to be late. It’ll be up tomorrow, though, which is the good news (or maybe really late tonight, depending on how long it takes me to draw. Tomorrow’s a better bet though).

In other good news, the Oilers shellacked the Blue Jackets 7-2 last night. They certainly delivered on the goal-scoring I was hoping for, and Dustin Penner seems to have gotten his act together after riding the pine for a couple of games. A nifty goal and a hilarious bit of goaltender interference that the referees completely ignored on Tom Gilbert’s marker is a pretty good way to get back into the action. Liam Reddox is definitely making the most of his call-up from the minors, too. I hope he sticks around for a while.

But yeah, for non-hockey fans (or heathens, as we call them in Canada), new comic Thursday.

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