Rent-A-Thug #180 – King of the Streets part 10
October 1st, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #180 – King of the Streets part 10

So. Many. Speedlines.

I probably could have scripted this page in one line: “Building shakes, BAM! Robot.” In actuality, though, the script wasn’t all that much longer than that, clocking in at two and a half lines. Really, robots busting in and smashing stuff doesn’t require a whole lot of writing. This page does sort of explain why I didn’t bother to give either of the Westsiderz names, though. Drawing a big-action page was a lot of fun after 9 pages of talking heads. Which might explain why there isn’t a single “normal” panel on this page. By normal I mean a rectangular panel with a gutter separating it from it’s neighbours. This one’s all overlaps and jagged borders.

And because having a rather nasty cold has put me into an inexplicably ramble-y mood, here’s some information on the COPS. Although I frequently refer to them as robots, they’re not, techincally speaking. The COPS is an armoured suit, which functions pretty much like a piloted mech. There’s a police officer inside controlling it. The officer’s head is inside the helmet and his entire body fits in the torso, which houses the controls for the arms and legs of the suit. Aside from being huge and smashy, the arms both house Berserker machine guns. They’re loaded with thousand round belts of ammunition, which need to be replaced manually by maintenance techs. Jams also need to be handled manually, which is a problem. The boots are equipped with propulsion system that allow for “rocket jumping”, which functions as a sort of limited flight capacity. A rocket jumping COPS can cover about a block both horizontally and vertically in a single jump, though jumps of that distance are infrequent.

So yeah, hopefully somebody found that interesting.

Hopefully I can shake my illness soon so I can finish up next week’s comics (thank you, buffer!). And perhaps ramble less.

Thanks for reading, see you Friday!

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