Rent-A-Thug #173 – King of the Streets part 3
September 15th, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #173 – King of the Streets part 3

I don’t know how well it comes across, but Rick Jones is trying to re-adjust the camera in an unsubtle attempt to get his mug on the air. Johnny Mushface does a lot of gesticulating while he’s talking mostly to keep me entertained while I was drawing this page, and to give it some visual variety. Or at least as much variety as a guy sitting in front of a camera can provide. I came up with the joke on this page quite a while ago, but couldn’t think of a reason for anybody to ask the question “how can you kill somebody?”. I originally pictured it as an interview on the news but that didn’t make any sense within any of the stories I was working on at the time. The interview framing sequence for this story came pretty much entirely out of wanting to use this joke.

I mentioned earlier that film The Warriors was a source of inspiration for this story, which will probably start to become evident on Friday.

Completely unrelated to the comic, I arrived in class this morning to find that a girl had managed to get her leg stuck in the seat where I usually sit. The seats in the lecture theatre fold up like the ones at a movie theatre, and apparently she’d made a mis-step while trying to climb over it into the next row. Now, this in and of itself would be kind of funny but ultimately forgettable. Except that she couldn’t get her leg back out and three repair workers had to be called in to take apart the seat so that she could leave. She had a sense of humour about it, though, which is good because otherwise I might have felt bad for laughing.

Thanks for reading, see you Wednesday.

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