Rent-A-Thug #89 – Rules For Criminal Success #70
February 22nd, 2008

Rent-A-Thug #89 – Rules For Criminal Success #70

Another “cop shooting a cast member” strip, which if you read yesterday’s newspost you probably aren’t surprised by. I kind of am, though, since I forgot that this one was coming up next. I upload all of the week’s strips on Monday and usually forget which ones they were by slightly later on Monday.

Billiam makes one of his rather rare appearances, this time using Charlie No-Aim as a shield. The lead pipe is Charlie No-Aim’s signature weapon but I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to have him use it to rob a bank. I’m rather fond of the jaggy panels in the middle, they turned out  better than I was expecting them to while I was drawing them. I like to be able to play with the layouts in the strips, which doesn’t always turn out successfully, but at least it’s more fun than having to cram everything into three identical panels.

I finished formatting Rent-A-Thug: First Offence earlier today. Once I get my quote back from the printers it’ll be ready for production. Huzzah!

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday, thanks for reading!

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