Improved Thuggery

I spent a good chunk of my afternoon rescanning and reformatting Rent-A-Thug pages to get their quality up to where they were before they were scanned in the first place. Basically the blacks are actually solid black now, like they are on paper, and not a weird sort-of-grey thing.

This afternoon I managed to cover everything from the first page (“Charlie No-Aim is a Jerk”) to the end of “Protection Rackets & Head Trauma” (which starts here and ends here). In all, the first twenty-seven pages have been improved. Tomorrow I’ll be starting with the Rules For Criminal Success strips, which will probably take a bit longer (there’s more of them and they’re only one per piece of paper, whereas the full pages actually have two comic pages on a single piece of paper).

Also tomorrow will be the usual Wednesday update. Huzzah!

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