Thursday | April 10th, 2008

Frank Baron, NSO #53 - Chemical Warfare

I try to make sure the Mobile Oppression Patrol live up to their name every so often. In the first story they were actually more like a legitimate counter-terrorism unit than a gang of bastards with an unlimited licence to wreak havoc in the name of national security. They’re appearance in this story was going to be more in the same vein as the first story until I realized that they probably weren’t coming across like they were supposed to. I figure strafing the surrounding buildings with gunfire and tossing canisters of stun gas into a crowd of civilians should get things moving toward the “gang of bastards” idea. Also on this page is a better look at the design of the Jackhammer Light Machinegun, which is based off of the British Bren gun.

Just a reminder that the update schedule is changing to once weekly starting next week. It may or may not actually go up on Tuesday, though. Between three Rent-A-Thug pages and the first week of final exams finding time to draw the next page might be an issue.

Thanks for reading, see you… at some point in the near future, I guess.

New Update Schedule

March 31st, 2008

So starting this week I’m implementing a new update schedule. This week and next wee I’ll be updating on Tuesday and Thursday, after which I’ll be moving to a once-a-week-on-Tuesday schedule for the rest of the current storyline.

Update later today

February 28th, 2008

I missed yesterday’s update, almost entirely because I forgot about it. I was working on a paper for school and didn’t realize that I hadn’t scanned and formatted the page that was supposed to be uploaded. Sorry about that, there will be an update today when I get home (I’m in class right now).

I guess it’s also worth noting that Frank Baron, NSO is something of a side project. It’s a rather large one, mind you, since it’s my only side project that actually gets worked on regularly and posted online, but it’s still a side project to Rent-A-Thug (which is the main event, so to speak). What that means in practical terms is that if I have to choose to work on one or the other Rent-A-Thug is probably going to win out. Now, I don’t plan on missing lots of updates and having to only work on one or the other, I’m just giving fair warning that it could happen.

Anyway, update later today.

Update Schedule

January 23rd, 2008

The normal update schedule for Frank Baron, NSO is going to be daily, Monday through Friday.

Due to a site issue I managed to muck that up by the third day in. ComicPress uses dates to figure out what comic page to pull from the comics folder, which normally works out just fine. The problem is that I forgot to adjust the clock the site runs on in the options section which resulted in some of the comic page uploads not having the correct image. Unfortunately there’s no way to change the date stamp on the posts so I have to repost pages 3 through 5. Also unfortunately ComicPress isn’t designed to handle multiple pages being uploaded in the same day, so I had to adjust the update schedule to get things back in order. Saturday, January 26th and Sunday, January 27th will have updates to cover the updates from Monday and Tuesday that had to be deleted to fix the schedule. Beginning on Monday, January 28th I’ll begin with the normal Monday through Friday update schedule.