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Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, where I was a guest artist at Happy Harbor Comics Volume 2. The artist roster was beefed up quite a bit on Friday, apparently, since Dan Schneider and I were joined by Tammy Lee and Ken… who also has a last name, but I don’t know what it is. We did custom sketches in return for donations to the Food Bank. Included in my sketch output for the day were Halo’s Master Chief, the Predator, Brian and Stewie from Family Guy, Optimus Prime, Scarlet Spider, and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t quite remember. One of the advantages of working next to Dan was that I tended to avoid getting swamped because his portfolio is ridiculously impressive. Which is good because I kept getting requests for things that take a long-ass time to draw. Later in the day as things died down I also had time to pencil a Rent-A-Thug strip, which was a nice change of pace from sketches that almost invariably required reference.

Last Thursday I teamed up with Jay Bardyla of Happy Harbor Comics and Dan Scheider to give a presentation to about 40 junior high students about comics as a medium. Jay talked about the process of making comics, starting with the writer creating a rough storyline all the way to the last brushstroke of the colourist. Dan and I drew comic pages based on characters that were requested by the students. Jay had told us to have a mental bank of superheroes and manga/anime characters prepared, which was quickly derailed when the requests were Sephiroth and Master Chief. Dan hates drawing technical stuff so I took Chief. I then proceeded to draw a ridiculously inaccurate rendition of Chief blasting an even more inaccurate rendition of a Covenant Grunt. That looked kind of like a Koopa Troopa, come to think of it. It was a lot of fun and a bunch of the students came out to FCBD as well, so Jay’s indoctrination plans seem to be working at full capacity.

The online store is giving me crap. The buttons inexplicably don’t go to the pages where they’re supposed to go, despite the code being generated by PayPal for that explicit purpose. Brain ‘splosion may be imminent.

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