Rent-A-Thug #2 – Dignity Not Required
September 1st, 2007

Rent-A-Thug #2 – Dignity Not Required

This one was based on one of the Rules For Criminal Success strips, but re-drawn to fit in the larger vertical format. I also had a lot of fun thinking of things to write on the box labels and imagining what sorts of crap a supervillain would have boxed up in storage. Turns out that in the case of Astronut those things include laser marmots and unfashionable hats. Apparently his dome helmet is still en vogue. In his own mind, at least.

As is often the case with my one-pagers, the characters in this one aren’t actually named in the comic. The big guy in the space suit and dome helmet is Astronut, a supervillain who will be appearing more in the future. His goon is Edgar Jones, who will also appear in the future (coincidentally, the first story I have planned for him involves him working for Astronut, so look out for that one in the months to come).

 I still haven’t settled on an actual update schedule for the site, but for the next little while it’ll probably be a page from my backlog every day or two, so check back for that.

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